What Flooring is Best For Your Lifestyle

laminate flooring

Whether you are remodeling, purchasing a home or simply getting ideas, flooring choice is an essential component of your lifestyle. The needs of a busy, working mother will likely be different from a senior citizen or young professional. No matter what your daily activities are, read on to see what flooring suits your lifestyle and schedule.


The floor of the busy people. Tile is extremely resistant to the stains of food, baby formula and other pesky liquids. A quick wipe with a damp towel is usually enough to erase a mistake. Tile is also durable. It doesn’t scratch very easily, and if it breaks or cracks, a single square can be replaced rather than having to remove the entire floor to fix one spot. However, the grout can be a problem. Grout can hold in stains and discolor with age. While replacing a square of tile may be easy, fixing a section of grout and making it match the other areas can be a challenge.


Carpet suits those who value comfort above all else. It’s a soft material that is easy on the feet and dampens sound. Unfortunately, stains pose a huge threat to carpet. Unless treated immediately, a stain can remain in the carpet forever. This means being extremely careful and walking without shoes on. Dust also accumulates and can’t always be removed completely. While carpet tends to be the most comfortable flooring material, it isn’t realistic for those who lead busy lives.


This flooring option is generally desired for its visual appeal. The ornate patterns and colors of the wood bring a sense of class and warmth. However, hardwood flooring is fairly delicate. The drop of a pan or spill of a drink can mean disaster for the finish. Replacing nicked, dented or stained planks isn’t an easy task. Hardwood flooring is best suited for those in low traffic homes, such as elderly or single people. The constant wear on these floors means that regular maintenance must be done to ensure it looks the best it can. For those who value the visual appeal and don’t mind the constant care required, hardwood may be an option.


Laminate floors combine the visual benefits of hardwood with the durability of tile. Laminate floors are extremely damage resistant, but still retain the refined appearance of wood. This option is great for high-traffic areas, because they require very little consistent care and hold up to life’s accidents, while still having a clean look. Swiss Krono American Concepts laminate floors have extensive warranties, with some lines featuring lifetime assistance. This is a viable option for those who appreciate luxurious looks, but still require durability.

It’s vital to figure out what material suits your lifestyle so you can live life comfortable. Let your flooring work with your habits, not the other way around.